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Welsen won the honor
Welsen won the honorary title of the Jiangsu AAAA level certified public accountants....
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Service  Team:                                                                                           

Chen Jinggeng:

 Welsen Chief Partner, Chairman of Welsen Consulting Group.China Senior CPA, Trustee of China Institute of Certified Public Accountants,Vice-Chairman of Suzhou Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Secretarygeneral of SIP Accountants Society. Adjunct Professor of  Shanghai University of Finance EconomicsSuzhou UniversitySouth-West University, Anhui Universtity of Technology, HongkongUniversity Sipei Insitute etc. Mr. Chen has special views on China macro-economyanalysis.                                                                        

Foreign-invested enterpsie audit & Taxation Group                   

Zhang Yunrong: 

Welsen Partner, Vice- President of JiangsuWelsen Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd & Jiangsu Welsen Certified TaxAgents Co., Ltd. China Senior CPA, ChinaCTA. Leading Talent of China Insitute of CPA, Member of China Insitute of CPA –Internal Managing Experts, Speical Lectuer of Shanghai National Institute ofAccounting. Ever Leading audit of much more big foreign-invested companies.Being familiar with related business processes and set-up related standardsrules. Acting special tax consultants in multi-companies of  World's top 500 companies. Experts in thearea of International tax, Customs.                  

Zhong Qiujie: 

Welsen Partner, Department Manager. Mr Zhong has rich experience of Hi-tech company tax service, International Tax and Tranfer pricing, Standardization rule of Finance, Tax related before compnay IPO. Assisting so many enterprises to driving tax plan, executing business operation strategies. Serving for +100 companies transfer pricing engagement service, 6 companies of Anti-tax avoidance negotiation with local tax official, +80 Hi-tech company application and certified such as Hudian Capital, Shengda Game, XuHuaChen Group, Saifen Goup,Xinxin Group, Bridgestone etc.

Recently co-operation with many Venture capital institution to perform due diligence, design of transaction model, tax structure arrangement, compliance integration etc.Mr. Zhong assisted many enterprises entering into the capital market .
Mr. Zhong is ever awarded as “Youth Excellent Talent” by Jiangsu CICPA. Holding a training for Shanghai National Institute of Accounting, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Suzhou University of commercial college, Soochow Security, Sumitomo Mitsui bank etc. Training lecturer as CICPA, Suzhou CPA, SH CPA. Publish Articles in China CPA etc.          

Gu Xian: 

Welsen Department Manager, China Senior CPA, China CTA. With his rich experience, to perform service of auditing, taxation, internal control, enterprise M&A for foreign-invested company, construction business, real estate business. With over 10 year service career life, achieved lots of sucessess , esp. M&A, due diligence investigation. Reliable, professional recognized by our customers             

Cao Jin:
 Welsen Senior Project Manager, China Senior CTA, Lots of experince in the area of tax authentication; tax consultation; tax planning, esp. land value added tax, coporation income tax annual settlement. Ever served for Suzhou SIP Huayuan Hengshen Real Estate Co. Zhongnan Suzhou real estate, Daha Suzhou Real estate company etc.             

Liu Jue:
 Welsen Senior Project Manager, China Senior CPA. Rich practical experice of finance, tax, audit. Ever studying in HK as a representative of Excellent membership of Jiangsu CICPA. Be good at due diligence for enterprise M&A, audit, finance and tax consultation, International tax and internal management consultant. Special views on royalty fee, deep wide co-operation with Tax offical , Customs officials.

Government audit & State-owned Company  Group      

Chen Xin: 
Welsen Partner, Vice- President of Jiangsu Welsen Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. China Senior CPA, China CTA. Leading Talent of China Insitute of CPA. In charge of audit of state-owned company, government audit, internal control consultant, enterprise M&A etc. Done research of venture capital company at the earlier audit life. Completion of main successful audit projects such as CSSD, SIP State-owned Asset Holding Share Group and audit for interim billing issurance, SIP VC Co. Ltd, SIP Jinji Lake Restaurant Group Development Co. Ltd, SIP Genway Group Development Co. Ltd.  

Xiang Yang: 
Welsen Department Manager, China Senior CPA, Responsible for State-owned Asset audit, Enterprise bankrupt audit, Government performance evaluation audit. With lots of practical experience in auditing business, ever service for SIP Genway Development Group Co. Ltd, SIP Technology Development Co., SIP Logistic Co. SIP exhibition Co. Suzhou State-owned subsidiaries, Suzhou Import- Export Group annual statutory audit, Suzhou Vanke Real Estate Internl control audit, SIP Daijian Co. internal control audit, SIP Commerical Tourist Co. internal control audit etc.

Zhang Aijun: 
Welsen Department Assist. Manager. China Senior CPA,International Certified Internal Auditor, Head of Finance outsourcing of Suzhou country -level owned assets. Ever leading audit project of SIP State-owned Asset Management Development Co. Ltd, SIP Holding Share Co. Ltd, SIP Genway Development Co. Ltd, SIP Technology Development Co etc. Involving in SIP audit of merger town into street, SIP State-owned asset annual audit and special audit etc.


IPO& Bond Issurance Group             

Wang Jianpeng: 
Parner of Jiangsu Welsen Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. (DAXIN Jiangsu Branch) , Department Manager, China Senior CPA. With rich experience of Finance& Tax service, audit service, focus on security audit, finance process standardization before IPO, stock right incentive design etc. Help many companies entering into security market with due diligence, transactions model design, compliance integration before IPO.

Wang Huiqing: 
Welesen Sr. Manager. Always service for SIP foreign invested company audit, tax service, due diligence; full planning for State-owned enterprise M&A, IPO audit, Enterprise bond issurance audit, Asset capitalization audit etc. Sucessulf cases such as M&A of Suzhou Culture Exhibition Co. Ltd; Bond issurance audit of Baoli Xiexin New Energy Suzhou Co. Ltd; SIP City re-construction Co. Ltd’ Asset capitalization audit of CSSD; Tax planning – Mitsui Phar Suzhou Co. Ltd, Lock&lock Commodity Suzhou Co. Ltd.
Engineering Costing Service Group        

Pan Guohua: 

Partner, Jiangsu Dongfang Welsen Engineering Costing Consulting Co., Ltd.. Vice General Manager, General Technician Head. Certified Costing Engineer, Certified Asset Appraiser, Certified Investing Consultant, Senior Engineer, Star Costing Engineer, Member of Suzhou Engineering Costing Expert Society. With over 20 years of practical experience in engineering costing consultation, coordinating business relationship, quick response to solve complex problems, and expertise to deal with law conflicts in projects.                 

Lv Yuanjin:
 Municipal Administration Manager of Jiangsu Dongfang Welsen Engineering Costing Consulting Co., Ltd. Technician Head - quality control. Senior Engineer – Project budget and control, National Certified Irrigation Works Engineer, National Certified Foundation Works Engineer, National Certified Supervision Engineer, National Certified 1st Level Building Construction Engineer, Certified 2nd Level Municipal Engineer, Intermediate Foundation Pricing Engineer, Intermediate Decoration Pricing Engineer. With over 20 year experience of project costing and consulting, Lv is familiar with project construction management, consolidated all knowledge ( water conservancy, foundation, decoration, installation, road, municipal ) to draft, audit all kinds of project budget and related controlling. He also leaded various large construction projects.      

Dai Weiliang:
Department Manager of Jiangsu Dongfang Welsen Engineering Costing Consulting Co., Ltd., Assistant to General Manager, Senior. Engineer. Level one construction engineer / investment project management / certified consultant. With over 20 year working experience in engineering costing consulting, specialized in project costing estimation, budgeting, project closure audit.Representative project by Dai:Harmonious Commerce Centre/ Harmonious Commerce Centre/Dushu Lake Education Park – Remin University of China/International Institute/Suzhou International Exhibition Center/Suzhou Subway, Line 2, Line 4, Line 5.   

Zhang Feng: 

Department Manager of Jiangsu Dongfang Welsen Engineering Costing Consulting Co., Ltd., Assistant to General Manager, Senior Engineer. China Senior Certified costing Engineer. Actively participate in preparation and audit of project bidding, budget and closure for more than 20 years. He is very familiar with all necessary process in electromechanical installation projects, as well as costing standards and related national regulations. Currently focus on project installation costing audit, bidding preparation audit. Zhang is a member of Province costing expert pool. All projects he joined realized considerable cost saving and outstanding efficiency  

Qi Xiaohui: 

Department Manager of Jiangsu Dongfang Welsen Engineering Costing Consulting Co., Ltd., Senior Engineer. He has more than 20 years of experience in civil construction, Installation construction. Representative projects by Qi:Moon Bay DK20100289 Civil construction and electric-engineering installation/TianZhu Huyun Garden 2nd Block 1st Phase General Construction project etc.

Asset Assessment Group        

Dai Jianyun:

 Head of Suzhou Welsen Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. China Sr. Asset Appraiser. With over 20 year asset appraisal experience, leading the asset appraisal function in Welsen Consulting Group.Be familiar with all kinds of asset evaluation, working together with Welsen teams, providing professional asset appraisal service to the customers.

Lai Jianhua: 
Welsen Partner, Department Manager. China Sr. Asset Appraiser. China CPA, China CTA. Over 30-year working experience in asset appraisal area, esp. stock share transfer out evaluation, intangible asset transfer out evaluation. Rich experience of Hi-tech company tax planning, International tax and Transfer pricing. Fin experts to appraise and identify Hi-tech company. Professional views on Foreign-invested company M&A.

Customs Group:          

Wang Caojun: 
Sr. project manager of Welsen Customs service group . China Sr. CPA. Nominated 3rd party CPA in Nanjin Customs talent pool. Always providing service of annual audit, customs audit, tax audit, due diligence for domestic or foreign-invested company. Long-term service of due diligence, tax service for EverBright Bank. Long-term co-operation with China Customs like Nanjin Customs, Suzhou Customs, SIP Customs, Zhangjiaguang Customs, Changshu Customs, to perform free-bond tax audit, royalty fee audit, import-export internal control audit. Enterprise customs regular compliance health check etc..

Accounting & Taxation & Commerce Group            

Tu Xiaomin: 
Sr. project manager of Accounting & Taxation & Commerce Service Group. Acting tax consultant in famous international company, be familiar with the company full process like set-up, update, closure. Rich practical experience of multi-national company tax service, finance management, internal training, professional views on funding company accounting / financial treatment.
Training Group          

Wu Huaqi: 
Head of Welsen marketing department & Finance & Economic training center. China CPA, Nominated 3rd party CPA in Nanjin Customs Talent pool. In 2017, Studying in the school of the Communist Party of China, represented for Jiangsu CPA, awarded as outstanding trainee. Rich experience of finance and tax audit, be good at finance and tax consultant, internal training. Deep wide co-operation with the government like Suzhou tax bureau, Science & Technology Bureau, Customs etc. Finance experts in Suzhou Tech project talen pool, Hi-tech company identification talent pool. In charge head of Welsen Group Tech business.

Quality Control Group        

Wu Xin: 
Welsen Group Quality control partner. China Sr. CPA, China Sr. Asset Appraiser. Pre- senior auditor of China Audit Committee. Over 30 years audit working experiences. Leading much more Government audit project, Listing companies performance evaluation. Quality control experts in Jiangsu Audit quality control talent pool. As a team leader to present Jiangsu CPA or Suzhou CPA Committee, performing CPA business quality inspection. Making sure Welsen audit quality control under risk, outstanding performance in Suzhou CPA committee, also recommended to share the quality control experience in Jiangsu CPA committee.