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Welsen won the honor
Welsen won the honorary title of the Jiangsu AAAA level certified public accountants....
Business Scope
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Auditing and Assurance Business

Welsen has cultivated a professional CPA practicing team (including ACCA and CGA). They are familiar with Chinese various industrial and international accounting standards, own advanced software system. They are capable of providing various audit and authentication service for state-owned large enterprises, foreign invested companies and private companies, including:

(1)Corporate mid-term and annual finance report audit
(2)Audit of Chinese subsidiaries (representative offices) of overseas enterprises
(3)Corporate restructuring, spin-off,bankruptcy and liquidation audit
(4)Legal assurance audit
(5)Financial performance audit of financial funding
(6)Customs special affairs audit Investment performance evaluation and economic responsibility audit
(7)Other statutory audits                                                          

Special service examples1:

Investment performance evaluationand economic responsibility audit

(1)Financial bureau economic responsibility audit
(2)Economic performance evaluation of the Finance Bureau
(3)Audit of the Finance Bureau's clearing and verification
(4)Economic performance evaluation of the Commission
(5)Audit of the project verification by the science and Technology Bureau
(6)Audit of the subsidy provided by Suzhou science and technology service center
(7)Preliminary audit, Trial audit for Hi-tech company verification
(8)Special audit of the social Bureau of the public fund

Special service examples2:

Customs special affairs audit

Consultation on internal control of enterprise customs bonded tax:
(1)Enterprises employ processing trade bonded tax verification
(2)Verification of tax reduction and exemption of enterprise employment
(3)Management verification of class AA of the enterprise

The customs commissioned audit verification:
(1)The customs entrust the bonded inspection of processing trade
(2)The customs entrust tax reduction and exemption inspection
(3)The customs entrust routine inspection

Bonded inspection of processing trade:
(1)Bonded parts inventory & manual parts balance
(2)Bonded excipient & single consumption management
(3)The use of unpriced equipment

Other customs business:

(1)AEO certification guidance for customs
(2)Overall optimization of customs procedures
(3)Customs royalty defense