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Welsen won the honor
Welsen won the honorary title of the Jiangsu AAAA level certified public accountants....
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Finance & Economics Training 

“To learn Finance, come to Welsen!”, Suzhou Industrial Park Welsen Finance & Economics Training Center was founded in June, 2006, invested by the national top 100 accounting firms, Jiangsu Welsen Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd., It’s a full-time training institution in the areas of financial education, accounting, enterprise management, tax administration, marketing management, and human resource management.
The training center has more than 1000 square meters, deployed by modern teaching facility, and has a professional and strong faculty. Teachers from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Soochow University, Nanjing University, Shanghai and Xiamen National Accounting Institute. The other teachers are CPA and Registered tax officer in Welsen, finance director and President of the top 500 enterprises, and nearly 200 teachers are employed in the training center. After years of development, Welsen finance and economics training center has held more than 3000 training courses, including accounting regular training, enterprise internal training, tax planning, corporate finance and tax management and internal control, ERP, financial English, investment and financing consulting, and other types of training courses, about 100000 trainees from all levels of taxation and management position of the enterprise. Compared with other training institutions, deeply understanding the financial training demand, excellent trainers, which bring good reputation to the training center. By now, the center has developed into one of the largest professional financial training institutions in Suzhou.

Classical courses recommendation:

Accounting qualification course (junior and i ntermediate)
 Accountant continuing education (the sign up institution designated by financial bureau)
Financial English
New corporate accounting standards and income tax law practice analysis
Management accountants course
Advanced financial management system course
Corporate golden internal training (finance, human resources, sales, production management and research & development, etc. )
Accounting bookkeeping practice operation class