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Welsen won the honor
Welsen won the honorary title of the Jiangsu AAAA level certified public accountants....
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Legaland Judicial Expertise 

Welsen has judicial expertise qualification which is approved by Jiangsu provincial Supreme People’s Court, and it is also the intermediary first listing on Jiangsu provincial bankruptcy manager directory. For many years, Welsen, which have unique practical experience on the bankruptcy judicial policy, the bankruptcy trial mechanism and the hot and difficult issues of the bankruptcy trial, has been entrusted to provide various kinds of judicial services by the Suzhou central court and the courts at all levels.

 In the case of bankruptcy cases, the intervention of the bankruptcy administrator, how to protect the debtor's property, how to determine the cost of the bankruptcy and the common interest debt, the confirmation of the claim for the creditor's right, the order of the creditor's claim and payment, the organization of the creditors' meeting and the creditor Committee, the reorganization of the enterprise and so on, the process system has been formed and gained high recognition from the court and relevant stakeholders.

The main entrusted judicial projects for recent years include:

(1) It was chosen by Changshu People’s Court to be the liquidation manager for Dissolution Dispute Case on Lin Fangqing’s Prosecution Against Changshu Kailai Industry Co., Ltd. and Dai Xiaoming Company. This case is No. 8 case guided by the Supreme People’s Court. This case ended with shareholder’s reconciliation and Lin Fangqing’s withdrawal. 
(2)  It audited consolidated net assets and liabilities of Suzhou Dadi Real Estate Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary, aimed at resolving group debt recovery crisis due to Dadi Real Estate’s selling of non-property right shops. 
(3) It accepted the entrustment from Zhangjiagang People’s Court to have audit on net assets of three venture capital investment companies including Jiangsu Xinrong Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd.
(4) It  accepted the entrustment from Suzhou Wuzhong District People’s Court to have audit on invested assets conditions, profits & losses conditions during joint venture and assets status quo involved in the joint venture contract dispute of Suzhou Baotuo Forging Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Wuzhong District Zhenguang Forging Co., Ltd.