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Welsen won the honorary title of the Jiangsu AAAA level certified public accountants....
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Taxation Business

Jiangsu Welsen Certified Tax Agents Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Welsen Tax) is a professional tax consulting company,esp. in taxation consulting, agent, planning & implementation, taxation internal control design, tax payable evaluation, taxation coordination and training, advanced tax management system. It is a member of tax agent under Welsen Consulting brand , which owns dual business backgrounds of accounting and taxation as well as wide governmental and commercial resource relationships.

With the spirits of integrity, positivity, continuity and creativity, professional ethics of independence, objectiveness, fairness and confidentiality, Welsen has served so many domestic or international companies in the area of tax plan for investment & finance activity, transfer price, tax risk assessment and control, corresponding action to the tax official audit, real estate tax plan, tax restructure before IPO etc. which has been recognized and praised by all of the customers.

The partner team is composed of senior taxation professionals. Many of them have international high level professional training and owned multi-year practical experience in accounting and taxation, deep understanding of management concepts, quality standards, risk control systems of international firms. Additionally, they are able to carry forward these theoretical and professional systems into local business after continuous integrating. Currently Welsen tax has over 30 professional staff including 12 certified tax agents and 4 certified public accountants. 

The greatest strength of Welsen taxation: solid accounting knowledge, broaden international horizon, comprehensive knowledge, overall attentive tax solution scheme. Built-up tax knowledge sharing bridge when handing all kinds of tax business, eg. Real estate tax plan, tax restructure during IPO, international tax consultant, M&A tax assessment. Once the finance &tax policy update, Welsen taxation share it with the customers at the first time, provide prospective tax consultant service.

Business services scope:
(1)Tax risk control services: tax bureau inspection handling, Tax payable Planning, tax risk check, tax risk internal control, tax related specification control in the official contract etc.
(2)Individual income tax : IIT plan for senior executives, individual business and partnership enterprise; IIT preferences and plan for foreign persons, scientific and technical personnel; Social pension plan and employment guarantee plan for the disabled etc.
(3)Circulation tax service: value added tax, export tax refund consultation and planning, value added tax preference etc.
(4)Income tax service: research & development additional deduction, property losses and income tax authentication business, income tax agent, others
(5)International tax service: transfer pricing, tax convention, related party equity transfer, non-trade remittance, etc. 
(6)Capital operation tax service: tax saving planning for corporate investment & financing and acquisition & merger, tax optimization service for venture capital investment enterprise.

Special service examples1:Investment and Financing Tax Planning Service
Investment and financing are the most important means for enterprises to survive and develop, as well as the basic content of financial management. There are also many aspects involved in tax planning in the investment and financing process due to the different taxes. We will assist the company in improving the ability of its executive macro decision-making and fiscal and tax management, and we will make sufficient planning in advance for tax and investment and financing business to prevent tax risks and improve decision quality.

The main services include, but not limited to:
◆ The planning of investors, investment mode and invested entities
◆ The planning of debt capital and equity capital raising
◆Tax planning of asset restructuring:

Tax planning of asset restructuring include:
(1)Restructuring design
(2)Restructuring framework arrangement
(3)Restructuring taxation treatment application 
(4)Equity change agent 
(5)Tax convention treatment application 
(6)Restructuring evaluation service 

Welsen has cultivated a professional CTA practicing team with rich experience and knowledge. They are familiar with Chinese various industrial and local taxation authorities requirements.

We have successfully provided cross-border restructuring service for many Top 500 investment companies in China. 
For example: 
Case1: Help one listed company do restructuring in the H-share market
Case2: Help one investment group company merger on subsidiaries in multi-provinces
Case3: Help one group company discuss with taxation bureau about subsidiaries’ equity transfer pricing in China 
Case4:Help one group company apply for special restructuring tax treatment for subsidiaries in China 
Case5: Help one company discuss of conventional tariff rate treatment in China 

 Special service examples2:Chinese transfer pricing service                  
(1)Transfer pricing synchronous materials preparation
(2)Anti-tax avoidance defense
(3)Advance pricing arrangement
(4)Transfer pricing evaluation
(5)Customs royalties associated pricing
(6)Supply chains management
(7)Benchmark analysis and economic analysis
(8)Pricing strategy planning

Welsen have started to carry out transfer pricing service for transnational companies early in 2003.Until now,we have provided transfer pricing service for Hundreds of companies and the service includes synchronous materials preparation, anti-tax avoidance countermeasure, operation strategy arrangement, advance pricing arrangement signing and customs transfer pricing, etc. 

We have successfully assisted many companies in reaching agreement on transfer pricing and anti-tax avoidance issues with taxation bureau, which established an effective bridge for taxpayers and taxation authority to reach a consensus.

We own a good relationship with local taxation authority for a long term. We have exchange opportunities with local taxation authorities in many aspects. Meanwhile, our professionals have quite rich experience in transfer pricing investigation defense and dispute settlement. In order to help the enterprise have a stable operation environment in the coming years, we can have effective communication with competent taxation authority on their inquiries on related transaction and arrangement. 

Special service examples3:High-tech enterprise services
Hi-tech enterprise service:
(1)Hi-tech enterprise special audit 
(2)Hi-tech enterprise evaluation
(3)Qualification model design and consultation
(4)Hi-tech enterprise declaration and review 
(5)Research and development project application
(6)Tax risk assessment

Supporting services of scientific and technological enterprises:
(1)Research and development expenses additional deduction service
(2)Evaluation of small and medium sized enterprises in science and technology
(3)Subsequent tax preference treatment
(4)Double software enterprise
(5)Industrial Fund
(6)Research and development center identification
(7)Audit defense

We can provide all-rounded, prospective and comprehensive professional service for hi-tech corporate clients. 
The served clients are more than 500. Fox examples:

Case1: Help one foreign-invested company established Suzhou R&D center, set up reasonable tax dealt process, which run very successfully, thus the company acquired so much local government subsidies, enjoy several kinds of preferential tax policies without risk like VAT, income tax etc. 

Case2: Help one company set up R&D standardization operation process, which is really helpful for the company to enjoy preferential income tax with several millions tax saving without risk. Meanwhile passing the technology project verification from local government.

Case3: Help one international company doing comprehensive tax strategic plan. The plan was executed successfully, help the company enjoyed exempt tax of imported software and imported equipment; applied Hi-tech company with certification approval, enjoyed R&D expense super-reduction; Royalty fee reduction due to the group’s patent transfer value assessed reasonably, also eliminated the pressure of the Customs and Local official; Through these strategic tax actions, the company has several thousand millions tax saving each year.